“The spider’s web: She finds an innocuous corner in which to spin her web. The longer the web takes, the more fabulous its construction. She has no need to chase.”

The curious spiders crept closer and closer to Tante’s tree. One, two, three skittered up the trunk, and all the other spiders followed. Silently, they ran from branch to branch, back and forth, up and down the tree. Wherever the spiders went, they left a trail behind. Threads looped from limb to limb, and webs were woven everywhere. Now the busy little spiders had shared Christmas. They had seen and felt every twig on the tree, so they scuttled away.

– excerpted from Cobweb Christmas: The Tradition of Tinsel

– Author Donna Lynn Hope


What a first year it’s been. Had you told us that our newly opened work club would face a global pandemic, subsequent shut-down, uncertain economy and a work-life blend corporate culture flipped on its head, we’d likely have been too paralyzed by fear to take this leap of faith. But the fact is: you put your faith in The Web. We got this. We did this.

We know that December 2020 is unlike any other. Being mindful that many of us don’t need one more new thing, we’re keeping this month focused on the finish of 2020. AND we want to celebrate YOU and thank you for this monumental year.

On the date of our one year anniversary of launching: December 16, 2020, please stop by The Web Clubhouse at 1083 Washington Avenue and pick up our gift of gratitude to you. If you can’t make it, simply reply to this email, and we’ll make arrangements for delivery.

Please see the poll below for our last program of 2020, a celebration and burn session of sorts. In this poll, you’ll also find survey questions, so we can create an online compilation of members’ products and/or services you are offering to your fellow members. We want to shop local and support our local efforts — not just the holiday season but well into 2021. We also want your feedback on 2021 programming, as we look forward to the new year. Your input is valuable in making our Web work!

Thank you for making this possible. We’re stronger than ever because of our system of support, fellowship, trust and better future we’ve woven, together.

Without the WE, we couldn’t — nor wouldn’t — have worked The Web.

Weave on,

Susannah, Elizabeth and Jessica
Web Co-Founders


with special one-year anniversary surprises for members only

Monday Motivation: COVID-19 Update with Dr. Amber
December 7, 11 a.m.
Web member Dr. Amber is here to answer our COVID-19 questions and sort through the ever-evolving public health information that is heightening during the holiday season.

The Web is ONE!
December 16, all day
Stop by the Clubhouse at any time on December 16 and pick up your gift from your Web. Have a glass of wine, beer, coffee or sparkling water while you’re there and let’s toast to ourselves for weaving this Web, together. URL members, let us know if you’re stopping by and we can coordinate remote access.

Slow Burn 2020 Soirée
The Web’s Year-End Virtual Celebration
Choose your ideal date and time to meet-up on the world wide web, and let’s kiss off 2020. We’ll burn the bad intentions and embrace the good ones learned in our new normal, with a reverse raffle full of fun self-care prizes. Reserve your Web charcuterie platter through Fall Line Brewery for pick up on the date we later announce.

Money Ma$termind pauses. We’ll be back in January.
In January, we’ll get back to making the time to commit to empowering ourselves and our entrepreneurial community at The Web and beyond to build stronger businesses and a more prosperous and unified Macon and Central Georgia. We’ve got work to do – it’s gonna start with ourselves and a lot of realities we don’t enjoy addressing from the nitty gritty of our financials to better business management decisions and establishing clear guiding core values.

We’re certain this is the necessary work to do together to accomplish these vital, but inspiring aims.

>>> Missed a session? We will send links to past sessions to members in Slack!

Interested in joining our work club? See more about membership here.
Questions? Email: hello@workourweb.com