Mental wellness is finally being talked about. And, it isn’t just about treating yourself every once in a while.

Dr. Shannon Terrell Gordon, River Edge Behavioral Health Chief Executive Officer, visited the clubhouse on March 13 for our monthly Member Lunch to shed light on mental wellness and give insight during an open conversation. Emphasis was placed on the idea that love, power and a sound mind are the key ingredients to mental wellness. 

Self-love was a huge topic that arose many questions for Dr. Gordon. Self-love this day in age can be challenging, but it is still so important.

“Learn to be your own best friend,” she said. It is important to know who you are fully and love every part of you before allowing others to love you. This helps create healthier relationships and will put more ease to you mind while scrolling through your socials. 

Dr. Gordon also touched on ways to bring peace to your mind during stressful times. For example, changing the way you think can bring a sense of peace. Instead of saying, “I can’t afford rent this month,” say “I can budget my money better this month to accommodate for rent.” 

In the midst of COVID-19 hysteria mixing with personal problems, she reminded members that “fear is a contagion.” We must remind ourselves to be present in the moment and focus on the positives coming our way.

“Fear worries about tomorrow. Depression stays in the past. There is no greater peace than right here,” explained Dr. Gordon. 

Follow these tips from Dr. Gordon to ease your worries and practice mental wellness. To learn more about mental health, follow Dr. Shannon Gordon on Facebook, Instagram or visit 

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